African-centered Rites of Passage Facilitation

Participants will learn and discuss the basic assumptions and components which form the African Centered Rites of Passage, including:

  • Strategies to form and practice "village"
  • The role and responsibilities of the members of the "village"
  • African Centered Philosophy
  • The rites of passage process and model
  • Brain-based learning theories - "windows of opportunities"
  • Recognizing and developing family/group traditions and rituals

Certified African-centered rites of passage instruction/facilitation workshop basic outline*:

  1. Introduction and Define the rites of passage process (3 hrs.)
  2. Define and Discuss African Centered Philosophy and Rites of passage (3 hrs.)
  3. Purpose and Function (3 hrs.)
  4. Structure and Process (3 hrs.)
  5. Transformative Power (3 hrs.)
  6. Developing an African centered rites of passage process and assessment (6 hrs.)

* a detailed outline will be developed after a service contact form is recieved.

Interested in having Dr. Lathardus Goggins II facilitate a workshop [CLICK HERE]




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