Lathardus Goggins II, Ed.D.

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Dr. Lathardus Goggins II has been an advocate for youth and education for more than thirty years, and is the author of BRINGING THE LIGHT INTO A NEW DAY , 365 BLACK: NUGGETS OF WISDOM FOR EACH DAY OF THE YEAR, and AFRICAN CENTERED RITES OF PASSAGE AND EDUCATION. Dr. Goggins’ formal studies include Geography, Higher Education Administration, Learning Theory, Philosophy and Foundations of Education, African-American Studies, African-centered Rites of Passage, HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction, and Cultural Diversity.

Professionally, Dr. Goggins has worked with “at-risk” youth as a Prevention Specialist and has worked more than 20 years in Higher Education. Dr. Goggins has been responsible for admissions, academic advising, community outreach, directing an Upward Bound program, student activities, programming, campus climate assessment, and setting campus policy on diversity and civility. As a professor, Dr. Goggins has taught leadership, cultural diversity and multicultural competency, and African-American male development courses. Dr. Goggins is the publisher at Saint Rest Publications, Principle Consultant, Applied Academic Solutions, and is Humanware/Social Emotional Learning Manager for Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

As a scholar, he is examining the relationships between socialization, learning theories and academic achievement. Particularly, using the rites of passage model as a framework for educators to better understand where students are in their development and what services and activities would be appropriate. Additionally, Dr. Goggins is the primary investigator of the First Person Research Projects.

Dr. Goggins comprehensive experiences are complemented by his extensive travel throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands, Australia, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Panama, The Bahamas, United Kingdom and Africa in the countries of Senegal, Benin, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana and South Africa.

Professional Services:

  • African American Community Engagement/Outreach
  • Black Male Development
  • Building Community (Using the Village Concept)
  • Competency in Diversity Training
  • Program Assessment
  • Professional Development / In-Service Facilitation
  • Curriculum Development and Assessment
  • College Preparation and Planning

Courses Taught:

    • Effective Interactions with African-American Males
    • Principles of Leadership
    • Social Diversity and Social Work Practice
    • Race and Education
    • Instructional Technology
    • Teacher, School, & Society
    • Contemporary Applications of Leadership
    • Psychoeducational Interactions with African-American Males
    • Urban Education Policy
    • Student Success Seminar

As, a noted author and scholar, Dr. Goggins has been featured on numerous local, nationally syndicated radio and TV programs, including:


Literary Nation Talk Radio, KAFB 88.3 ... County Cannon BlogTalk Radio ... 980 AM WAAV Rhonda Bellamy on the WAAV-line - Wilmington, NC ... News Night Akron, PBS 45 & 49 ≠ Akron/Youngstown, OH WKSU Public Radio 89.7 News Kent, OH ... Ray Horner Morning News, WAKR 1590 - Akron, OH ... Cape Talk / 702 - South Africa ... Sit Down with Norma Downs, Cable 9 ≠ Twinsburg, OH ... On The Line with Cheryl Wilkerson, WSVY 107.7 (The Vibe) - Norfolk, VA ... Randy Dennis & Sasha Morning Show, Magic 95 - Baltimore, MD ... Wake-Up New York, WLIB 1190 AM - New York, NY ... The John Arnold Show - Nationally Syndicated ... Everybodyís Tabernacle, WCIN 1480 AM - Cincinnati, OH ... Open Mic, WVAS 90.7 FM - Montgomery, AL ... Letís Talk, WDTR - Detroit, MI ... Tom Pope Show - Nationally Syndicated ... New Perspectives, WXZI - Montgomery, AL ... Table Talk, WODT 1280 AM - New Orleans, LA ... Templeís Journal, WRIT - Philadelphia, PA ... Eric St. James Morning Show, WOL 1450 - Washington D.C. ... Larry Young Morning Show, WOLB 1010 AM - Baltimore, MD ... Insight, WHBC 1400 AM - Canton, OH ... Around Town, Channel 17, Trinity Broadcast Network - Canton, OH ... Lift Every Voice, Warner Cable Public Access - Akron/Canton, OH 


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